• Ski ressort of Mont Serein - North face of Mont Ventoux Association of development and promotion of Mont Ventoux A.D.P.M.V-S.M.S. - Cottage of reception - Ski resort of Mont Serein - 84340 Beaumont du Ventoux - FRANCE - Phone: +33 (0) 4 90 63 42 02
  • Blind men and their funny machines - Contact :
  • Conseil Général du Vaucluse (84):
  • Handicap et Emploi au Crédit Agricole :

    Are you looking for a job or a block release training? Do you feel like making use of your skills and potential?
    To the Credit Agricole skills are not a handicap, so join our teams!
    For two years we have recruited more than 130 disabled people in full-time job and trained more than 230 disabled colleagues.
    With "Handicap et Emploi au Credit Agricole", Credit Agricole Regional Banks can help you to find new professional future prospects.
    Nothing but skills. To the Credit Agricole only skills and talent matter.
    For more information, please visit our website 
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